heyyy!!!!!!!!! This is my second song!!!

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heyyy!!!!!!!!! This is my second song!!!

Post by SeungWoo Kim »

Hello, I'm SeungWoo.
This is my second song.

https://soundcloud.com/ares6scfdqmf/rev ... al_sharing
SeungWoo Kim
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Re: heyyy!!!!!!!!! This is my second song!!!

Post by blinddrew »

That top end is too aggressive for me ears I'm afraid.
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Re: heyyy!!!!!!!!! This is my second song!!!

Post by Martin Walker »

Ouch - I agree with Drew about the top end (it's so gritty!), and the overall mix is so flatline compressed/squashed that it's difficult to hear any details on what's going on in the mix.

Relax your compression settings a bit and I'm sure we'll be able to offer more constructive feedback.
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Re: heyyy!!!!!!!!! This is my second song!!!

Post by jaminem »

Difficult to know what to say here.
Assuming this is not a joke, you need to actually listen objectively to what you are doing. I don't think you are listening to what you are doing, I think you're vibing that your doing something, which is great that your enjoying it, but its not enjoyable to listen to.

A few points
Mix is in no way balanced, drums are non existent, frequency balance bias to top end, the explosion sound effect is just horrible to listen to, and not even tailed properly, 'musical' elements repetitive with no light and shade. No tension, no intensity etc

I would suggest to put on a similar commercial track and compare it to yours, note the differences hopefully this will give you a few pointers about where you're going wrong.

Also step away from the limiter!
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Re: heyyy!!!!!!!!! This is my second song!!!

Post by Exalted Wombat »

Rather abrupt end!

Well, I guess your first one was even worse. OK, now let's hear the third. Maybe a bit less compression/limiting?
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