S-Gear 3.0 released

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S-Gear 3.0 released

Post by Dave.P »

Just to let you know that S-Gear 3.0 from Scuffham Amps has been released.

With the inclusion of a virtual pedalboard and the Drive thru pedal. The upgrade is free for those with an S-Gear v2.9 license, just download and install. If upgrading from S-Gear v2.7, a discounted upgrade (USD $35) is currently available.
Drive thru is the first of many pedals that will be added to S-Gear.

More info -https://www.scuffhamamps.com/news/119-s ... drive-thru

Have been beta testing this for some time and the new pedal is a great addition!
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Re: S-Gear 3.0 released

Post by jxnWHITE »

Still the best and most frequently used amp sim here (no hi-gain needed). The OD included with the new release is quite nice and the pedalboard looks like a well designed platform with plenty of opportunity. Not that he needs any reminders but keep thinking Mike's take on a Vox would be something really special. I expect we'll see a couple of "pedal things" first.
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