O1V96i any users or thoughts...

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O1V96i any users or thoughts...

Post by Dave.P »

Just wondering what the experience might be of anyone using this desk as it does look like a potential replacement for my N8 unit.
I use Cubase 99% of the time so hope the Yamaha/Steinberg fit might be there and as far as any mixer out there it seems to offer the DAW integration that would suit me.
It seems this unit is perhaps on the way out at some point - perhaps to be replaced? This does not bother me too much but having been stung with lack of an up to date driver on the N8 the million dollar question is how long an up to date driver will be around -this is a question no-one will really know I guess but I run an Intel iMacPro that will probably not go beyond Ventura and I do not need to even go there to be honest. I would be happy to settle on a stable system that works and forgo update frenzy
I guess my question is really what the real life experience is and can it really solve my desire for an interface and desk in one unit rather than desk - interface- DAW?
As above, would appreciate any thoughts positive or negative!
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Re: O1V96i any users or thoughts...

Post by Hugh Robjohns »

I guess a lot depends on what you mean by DAW integration.

I have a similarly elderly DM1000, and it works perfectly well as a physical fader bank for mixing in the DAW... but there are more elegant solutions around these days.

The hardware effects are good, but I wouldn't bother routing out to the mixer and back when there are so many excellent DAW plugins around.

As a front end, the preamps are okay, but nothing special, and a lot of modern interfaces sound better.
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Re: O1V96i any users or thoughts...

Post by resistorman »

Frankly, you'd be better off with a new console.
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