How can i get this sound ? need help

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How can i get this sound ? need help

Post by majid bess »

Hi, for a personal musical project, i need to produce the same (100%) sound used in this melody here, i need the vst and preset that allows me to produce it, im using FL studio, im beginner with this kind of sounds, your help is really appreciated, thanks in advance.

I timed the melody here, starts at second 56
majid bess
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Re: How can i get this sound ? need help

Post by MarkOne »

It look like this topic has got lost in the Music Theory section, but in case the original poster does check back, I'd say this was a blend of two sounds.

A supersaw type of sound and a filtered square wave, both tempo locked to some kind of trance gate type of effect where the supersaw is chopped up by the gate in time with the rhythm and the square wave gets chopped and a (random?) filter sweep with quite high resonance on each gate signal
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Re: How can i get this sound ? need help

Post by Hugh Robjohns »

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Re: How can i get this sound ? need help

Post by Wonks »

I have a feeling it's the bass sound that's being talked about here, as that comes in at 56 seconds, whilst the higher synth part is already playing at that point.

Once you get your basic bass sound (which is probably a sine wave stacked with something else), it's all about getting the filter envelope right.
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Re: How can i get this sound ? need help

Post by The Elf »

Just a basic bass patch of two or three detuned saw/pulse waves and a filter envelope.
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