UAD Native plugins on Windows

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UAD Native plugins on Windows

Post by jaminem »

As a long time UAD user I have been waiting to see the move from DSP to native and how it works on my Windows setup and in works great.

I have quite a few UAD DSP plugins and of course not all of them have been ported over so I currently have access to only 6.

I'm really not keen on subscriptions as I probably don't do enough music to get value that way and I have invested in lots of other vendors products...Soundtoys, Sonnox, Fabfilter and Softube etc so paying for a subscription to get access to a load of plugins I don't need has never appealed however the fact that if you own the DSP version you get the native version free is a really good thing.

So I downloaded UA Connect today (don't use the link from the FAQ's as it points to the mac version) and installed it

Process was totally painless, on opening it asked to link to my iLok account, told me what plugins were available to me, deposited the licenses in my iLok account, activated them and installed the plugins.

Quick null test between native and DSP shows that they are EXACTLY the same, and off I went.

In short it works really well, zero hassle and sounds as good as it ever did.
Won't be getting rid of the DSP just yet as the 480L hasn't been ported and I love love love that reverb, but in a world of annoying setups this was as slick as it could possibly be.

...and I wasn't once prompted for my credit card details.

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Re: UAD Native plugins on Windows

Post by blinddrew »

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Re: UAD Native plugins on Windows

Post by muzines »

Yep, I'm much more likely to use my UAD stuff - and even buy new ones - if I don't have to plug the hardware in, so I'm hoping for a few more UA plugins I own to get ported to native (stuff like the Fatso, EMT, LA3A and some others.)

A lot of what I have from UA is the older stuff (like the first versions of the 1176/LA2A/Fairchild/Pultec) and those first versions won't get ported (they'll only do the more recent "better" versions) and while the UA stuff is really good, I have found decent replacements for that stuff in the meantime so I'm unlikely to upgrade mine.

But yep, this works seamlessly on the Mac too. :thumbup:
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Re: UAD Native plugins on Windows

Post by Aled Hughes »

Working fine for me on Windows! Although I did have to uninstall and reinstall as the plugin loaded blurred and unresponsive the first time.

I currently have the 1176 and Lexicon 224 available as UADx.

Seeing as I bought into UAD (just a used Solo card) solely for getting my hands on the RMX 16, I do hope that one becomes available!
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