Lexicon MX200 midi thru ????

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Re: Lexicon MX200 midi thru ????

Post by Moroccomoose »

Hi Philippe,

I finally got around to trying this. I couldn't get 5pin DIN MIDI to work at all. I rigged a return MIDI and was getting no THRU either. However, I could get it to work via the USB but that did not pass to MIDI thru.

Sorry, I couldn't help any more.

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Re: Lexicon MX200 midi thru ????

Post by Martin Vogel »

I connected the MX 200 to the Midi Out of the Kemper Profiler and another device is connected to the Midi Out/Thru of the MX 200. Most of the time the whole chain of devices works, only now and then after switching on the MX 200 does not pass on any data. Then, after turning it off and on again, everything usually works normally again. The MX 200 may not tolerate any impulses from the midi device in front of it. So far I haven't found a way to reliably prevent this behavior. A request to the German support did not result in any useful findings. Once the device is running, everything works fine until it is switched off. It's probably a malfunction, quite annoying.
Kind regards, Martin Vogel
Martin Vogel
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