Streaming distribution and the dead artist

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Streaming distribution and the dead artist

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I've always used cdbaby to get my music onto streaming services.
They charge an upfront fee per song/album and 9% royalty.

But the market leaders like Tunecore charge $15 annual fee, upload as much as you want, keep 100% royalties. Sounds like a no brainer.

Except, if you kick the bucket chances are no one will pay your annual fee unless you're somewhat established and your music will be removed.
Now, I know some folks don't give a s***, you might say, who cares when I'm dead and gone but I'd quite like the stuff I've created to be available, at least for my friends who might want to listen. I also look after a couple of passed friend's works and I'd like to keep that available.

So I'll stick with cdbaby unless anyone has any other suggestions.
I know distrokid have a 'Leave a legacy' option but it's $29 extra per song/album I think. For the amount of listeners I get cdbaby is still well cheaper.
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