Fishman Loudbox Mini - Lighter alternative?

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Re: Fishman Loudbox Mini - Lighter alternative?

Post by resistorman »

Albatross wrote: Sun Nov 27, 2022 2:32 pm I have a homemade busking amp permanently attached to something like this... just a thought ... SwpcxiYMqa

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Re: Fishman Loudbox Mini - Lighter alternative?

Post by adrian_k »

I guess less bass than the Fishman?

Never been able to put them side by side, but I think the Phil Jones bass cub has small speakers too so not sure it’s a limitation. I’ve never noticed lack of bass.

Where are you? You can try mine if you are anywhere near.
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Re: Fishman Loudbox Mini - Lighter alternative?

Post by Wonks »

I've happily used my Loudbox Mini as an impromptu bass amp without any problems.

But I would question if you actually need a lot of bass from an acoustic guitar amp just used as a monitor, as long as the sound to the PA wasn't lacking in it. Too much low end and you'll definitely have feedback issues.
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Re: Fishman Loudbox Mini - Lighter alternative?

Post by Sam Spoons »

The Roland AC33 is substantially lighter at 4.7kg but may not be loud enough. The Bose S1 Pro is 6.8kg and AER Compact 60 is 7.1kg, I found the Compact 60 sounded significantly better than the Alpha when I was buying mine but that was about 15-20 years ago. The Bose is good but the bass is a bit hyped and it is not great for bass at amplified levels (though it works for EUB accompanying acoustic instruments), otherwise there's a lot to like with the S1 Pro. Neither are cheap though with the Bose costing over £500 and the AER C60 currently topping £1k.

FWIW I own or have owned all of the above.

My bass player's PJ Briefcase goes really loud and certainly doesn't lack bass from two 5" speakers, sounds excellent too. They don't seem to make it or their acoustic combo anymore though and PJ kit is not cheap either.
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