Emvoice One gains vibrato tool

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Emvoice One gains vibrato tool

Post by Luke Wood SOS News Editor »


Vocal generating plug-in updated

Emvoice One is a vocal synthesis plug-in created by Emvoice that allows DAW users to generate vocal lines from a combination of a text box and piano roll interface. Four different voices are currently available, and the company’s latest update has introduced a vibrato feature, expanding the plug-in’s capabilities and promising to deliver lifelike vocals.

Take a look at the full news story for more information.
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Re: Emvoice One gains vibrato tool

Post by MarkOne »

This is interesting and definitely a good addition.

I do like Emvoice, but the one thing, for me it seems to lack (and please correct me if I'm wrong) is you don't seem to be able to add any dynamics to the vocal performance, so no pianissimo, or forte between verse and chorus, for instance.
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