Odd Shaped Room

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Odd Shaped Room

Post by djr1 »

I could do with testing some ideas...

I'm lucky enough to have my own room to set my music stuff up in. After a lot of other various DIY jobs around the house I'm finally getting some time to get stuck in. Acoustically, it's a bit tricky because it's a) small, b) L shaped. I tried a few thin foam acoustic tiles, but obviously they do nothing for the bass, which is where the issues are. Because of the shape of the room, I can't actually get the speakers equidistant from the side walls and still have them firing down the longest length of the room - the window and door are in an awkward place. I think I'm going to try pulling the desk back into the room a bit and building some bass traps for the corners. (the one to the left of the desk in particular). Does that sound sane? Would love to know if anyone has any other ideas! I've got the monitors on the desk at the moment - I've also got some monitor stands I might experiment with. There are some fairly nasty low end resonances at the moment.... I've attached a few pictures and some measurements (afraid my diagram isn't to scale) if that helps.

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Re: Odd Shaped Room

Post by Drew Stephenson »

I think your set-up is probably starting from the right place in that room, start with some broadband absorbers at the mirror points (including the ceiling) and get as much bass trapping into the corners as you can (including ceiling / wall corners).
Then see how it sounds. :thumbup:
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Re: Odd Shaped Room

Post by James Perrett »

There is quite a bit of wall space there that you could use for absorbent panels. I would also add quite a bit of absorption around the corner just behind the listening position. Don't forget the ceiling too.

I would also try your monitors at different heights - desk reflections can play havoc with the sound.
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