Poiesis Cello by Sonora Cinematic - lowest ever price

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Poiesis Cello by Sonora Cinematic - lowest ever price

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Sonora Cinematic is offering 30% off Poiesis Cello throughout February making the price its lowest ever.

Poiesis Cello is a deep exploration of intimate and detailed extended cello textures and techniques for Kontakt Player with 47 articulations ranging from normal gritty col legno and airy flautando to moving sul pont waves.

Instantly create beautiful, organic soundscapes and textures for a modern cinematic sound ranging from delicate and beautiful to dark and nightmarish.

Because it was recorded up close with a variety of high end microphones, its sound can be modified to your requirements to create a more dry, or a more lush, sound by adding your own reverb as required.

"I was taken by the delicate flautando and sul tasto styles (the latter of which has a nice tremolo variant) and loved the dreamy harmonics." - Dave Stewart, Sound on Sound. (Review https://www.soundonsound.com/reviews/so ... esis-cello)

Get Poiesis Cello for its lowest ever price until 28th February here > https://sonoracinematic.com/products/poiesis-cello-1
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