upgrade to Roland HD1

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upgrade to Roland HD1

Post by Guitarking »

Hello everyone,

I have a Roland HD1 e-drum kit. Worked fine with Toontrack. But looking for something more touch sensitive. Still, I need the small size the HD1 has as my room is small.
I could upgrade the snare by a more expensive one? Or is there a full drumkit (just as small) but with better trigger quality? I don't care about the sounds as I'll be using Toontrack anyway.

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Re: upgrade to Roland HD1

Post by resistorman »

I don't know much about digital drums, but I'm wondering about the touch sensitivity. Since midi velocity has a set range, is the problem that the velocity is "bunched up" in parts of the range? Are there different curves you can apply, either on the instrument or in Toontrack?
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Re: upgrade to Roland HD1

Post by Drew Stephenson »

The HD-1 has five different sensitivity settings, what's currently set to?
I'm a very light touch drummer (because I'm not a drummer) and I have no issues with the sensitivity of mine.
I don't think I've seen anything of a notably better quality that'll give you the same small footprint - might be worth looking at upgrading the snare but I'm not sure what the compatibility is like.
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