Behringer FLOW 8 problem

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Behringer FLOW 8 problem

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Hi guys, my flow 8 has an issue, when I connect my condenser mic and set 48v , then can hear very loud noise,sometimes it is normal,but most times is not.
Who knows what happened? Thanks !
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Re: Behringer FLOW 8 problem

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Hello Simon, and welcome to the SOS forums!

A few questions for you first.
What sort of noise exactly? Please describe it.
What mic do you have?
Have you tried another cable?
Does the noise happen if the mic is used with another mixer?

My first guess is that you may have a faulty cable.
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Re: Behringer FLOW 8 problem

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Unlikely to be the Flow 8 unless the mic is fine if connected to another mixer or interface. Cable or mic problem.

Does the noise start after you've been using the mic for a bit and stop if you haven't used the mic for a while?
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Re: Behringer FLOW 8 problem

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I'm having the same issue as Simon above. When using phantom power on either input 1 or 2, there's a strong crackling noise that varies in intensity (you can see the meter going from quite low to clipping), and makes the mics unusable. I've tried with two separate microphones, and two separate cables, and the issue is persistent. Occasionally it goes away for a while, but then it comes back. I've tried unplugging everything else, and also using a different power outlet in a different part of the house, and it still persists.
It's freaking maddening! :madas:

Any ideas on what it may be? Or should I try to RMA it? I bought it from Thomann last November, no idea of whether it's still under warranty.
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Re: Behringer FLOW 8 problem

Post by paulsunjazz »

Not sure if it's related, but I've found the Flow (or, at least, the example I have) doesn't like being connected via its outputs to an input that has phantom power present on it.

I sing (bass-mounted mic) and play double bass (onboard pre-amp, line level out) and use a Flow as means of storing the EQ curves for each source; I can then plug into any FOH system knowing I have the sound I want for each going into that.

Normally I'd connect to FOH from the Flow's main outs and send a feed from the Flow's Mon1 or Mon2 to my bass amp onstage.

However, if the input on the FOH mixer has phantom power applied to it, then the Flow's inputs become hyper sensitive; it's like having the Gain cranked up excessively and even light signal results in loud clipped spikes/cracks. I know the connection set up is not the same as the OP's, but the noise sounds maybe similar to what they described? Not typical distortion fuzz, but transient pops on the leading edge of the signal; imagine walking through a room packed with balloons with a lit candle; even gentle movements result in multiple loud bangs. Turning the input gain down on my channels doesn't help.

Alternatively, if I flip my output connections so FOH is sent my signal from the Flow's Monitor outs (and I send my amp a feed from the Flow's Main outs via an XLR-TRS cable), then, I get what sounds to be switching noise/high pitched hum through my main outputs.

I've replicated the problem over a number of systems, so it's definitely the Flow.

Anyway, like I said; this might be completely unrelated. But given that phantom power seemed relevant, I thought I'd throw it out there in case it helps.
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