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Push 3

Post by BJG145 »

You can tell something's topical if Loopop and Huang both feature it.


I never really got into Ableton Push, though the latest version looks quite interesting, almost verging into Linnstrument territory. I await the SOS take with interest.
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Re: Push 3

Post by Eddy Deegan »

It does look like an interesting device, in both forms it takes. As it happens I recently obtained an Ableton licence as my wife has been doing a few musical things with her MODX & Hydrasynth and I thought the loop-based workflow it might suit her better than the timeline-orientated Studio One and Reaper, both of which she'd been trying to get to terms with previously.

She also has a Novation Launchpad mini generously gifted to her by a friend of ours and I was impressed with it enough to get a Launchpad Pro for my own purposes. I might have bought a Push 2 but they weren't available and in any case in light of the 3 coming out I'm glad I didn't.

I watched a few Push 3 videos, including those linked above and I'm more than happy with the Launchpad Pro myself but I suspect the Push 3 will do well and I think it deserves to.
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Re: Push 3

Post by digitalgeist »

I received my Push 3 Standalone this afternoon. I'm really psyched to start working with it. Folks on another forum (Elektronauts, for Elektron users) are reporting a few build quality troubles and/or software/hardware troubles but mine so far seems fine. Once a workflow really grabs you (as Push 2 had done for me for many years) it's cool to see the next-gen come out. When I saw the multi-expression pads and heard them in action I knew I had to grab a Push 3 post-haste.
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