M-Clarity plug-in from Techivation

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M-Clarity plug-in from Techivation

Post by Luke Wood SOS News Editor »


Tackles 'boxy' and 'muddy' tracks and mixes

Techivation have recently announced the second release in their new M series line-up, M-Clarity. Described as a dynamic resonance suppressor, the plug-in aims to enhance the overall clarity and tonal balance of individual sources or entire mixes using spectral shaping technology.

Click here to take a look at the full news story.
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Re: M-Clarity plug-in from Techivation

Post by Hugh Robjohns »

Ooh! Bit of an obvious marketing/branding overlap with the long-established TC Electronic Clarity-M meter system.

https://www.tcelectronic.com/product.ht ... Code=P0DC8

I imagine Music Tribe will be launching lawyers imminently... ;-)
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Re: M-Clarity plug-in from Techivation

Post by Drew Stephenson »

Not to mention Melda's MWhatever plugin naming style.
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Re: M-Clarity plug-in from Techivation

Post by Dennis J Wilkins »

Yeah, Techivation contacted me some time back about testing/reviewing one of their first products -- never could get it to work ... There are lots of good audio processors out there, like Sonimus' new N-Console (and another Sonimus emulation I am currently alpha testing). And with over 575 plug-ins in my audio system, I really need no more!
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